Falling out with the person you love can be devastating. However, you have to forget about the anger as well as your stubbornness. You should not feel sorry for yourself either. You have to devise a plan with which to make up with your girlfriend as quickly as possible. Generally, it is not a good idea to rely on impulse. Thinking things through will definitely help. Once you feel calm and more confident you can take the right action.

The first thing you have to do is figure out why you have fallen out with your girl. It is best to outline the reasons for the fight. Go back the argument and think of ways in which you can modify your position so that you can reconcile with your loved one. You have to be ready for some compromise.

It is best to wait for a day before you call her. In this way you can be certain that she has though about your argument and has reconsidered her position as well. When you call her say that you want to meet and talk. Add that you love her and you really want to make things right. You should never discuss the problem over the phone. It is also important for you not to get angry even if she is rude to you or hangs up.

When you meet with your girlfriend you have to show her your affection first. It is best to carry a flower or a small present that you know she will love. You have to be loving and caring even if she clearly shows she is angry. You should not get frustrated. This will certainly make things worse. If you believe that she is playing you around, then you should not hesitate to start a serious conversation in which to clarify everything.

If your girl does not want to talk to you or if you think you have messed up badly, you should definitely try using a romantic gesture to make up with her. Showing up at her front door unprepared is definitely a mistake. You can readily come up with a short song with some lyrics dedicated especially to her and sing under her window. This might see a little fat fetched, but it is actually quite sweet. You will certainly make up with your girlfriend even if you are not a good singer.

Alternatively, you can write her a love letter. This is a great method to make up with your girl if she does not want to see you and talk to you. When you write you have to be honest. It is essential for you not to use any clichés. The letter will turn out to be totally funny and insincere if you do this. Share how you feel – this will certainly do the trick. Still, you should not show any signs of desperation. This can be equally ineffective. Do not put your name on the envelope, but something like “from the person who loves you the most”. You can also send it to her in a bottle or with a small gift.