There are moments in which you look in your closet and you discover that you have nothing to put on. You have already put on all yours skirts, pants, tops and jackets. You should not despair and run to the store to get something new. You can readily improve your mix and match skills instead. You can always find new and even better ideas. Plus, the accessories and shoes are always at hand.

You have to organize mix and match sessions during black porn the weekend. You will certainly find this fun. All you have to do is take out a number of pants and skirts from your closet and match them with as many tops and shirts as you want. You can do the same with dresses and blazers. Once you like a combination, you have to note it down and go on.

Experimentation is a good thing, but you have to match your clothes using a number of essential rules. As a start, you have to choose work pants and blazers in dark solid colors only. You might want to opt for a business suit with think stripes, but this is as far as you can go. Wearing any clothes with patterns will certainly look unprofessional. You can readily experiment matching more stylish shirts and tops with the work pants and blazers. Still, it is best for their design and not for their shades to have an artistic twist.

You do not have to go into great lengths to match business clothes. You can readily choose standard clothing combinations that look professional and add some more artistic accessories. You can opt for a big necklace with a dramatic design and matching earrings. You can also try adding a big flower brooch to your dress or blazer.

When it comes to casual clothing the rule is similar. It is best for the pants, skirts and jackets to be in solid colors or to have very large stylized patterns. The matching top has to have a lighter or matching basic shade. This is a really important rule. It is a huge fashion mistake to have white pants and a black top. However, you can readily put on a white skirt and a light blue shirt.

The rules for dresses are similar. You can put on a model that has vibrant and artistic patterns in pastel colors, but you have to wear a blazer or jacket that is in a solid color preferably white. In this way the dress will really stand out. Do not miss to use accessories to give your look a new touch of charm. You can readily improve your outfit by adding a stylish belt as well as some jewelry.

When you match clothes the colors and the designs are not the only important factors. You have to consider the materials the clothing items are made from as well. It is essential for the pants and jackets to be made from coarser materials than the shirts and tops. However, you have to be very careful when making the matches. For instance, the standard denim jeans are way too casual to for a silk top even if the latter has a totally sexy and somewhat sporty design.